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Vegetables Down Under at Winderdoon

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Corn 3 weeks after planting

Corn at maturity 92 days

Summer lettuce -January

Western Red Carrots


The reo-mesh keeps leaves off the ground and assists in the control of Powdery Mildew.

3 plants harvest from Christmas to end of March.

A further planting in January would produce until frosts arrive in in late April.

Fennel (March)-sown in late December

provides abundant bulbs for winter soups and stir fries. Do not sow earlier, as plants are likely to bolt in late March if the weather is warm.


Pumpkins -bushes sown on a slope-carpet underneath keeps fruit clean

Snap peas love support on which to climb.

Sow from September through March ( 4 weeks apart ) for successional crops.

Tiny Tom tomatoes bear from January to April

Zucchini ( Black Jack) 3 bushes will feed a family. Need to be harvested daily.

Giant of Stuttgard climbing bean. Sow in early November for January - March harvest. This variety makes large pods that stay succulent despite size.

Brussels sprouts sown in the ground at Christmas grow through summer to set sprouts in late Autumn. Do not fertilise heavily or sprouts will be loose .

Odorless onions sown in July and harvested for mild salad onions from December set seed in March.

A brown paper bag protected from rain or overhead watering  with a plastic bag will provide seed for next year.

Cos lettuce sown from September through February provides excellent leaf for salads.

Fig 2007

Apricots 2007