Vegetable Gardening Down Under

Vegetable gardening has been a passion of mine for many years. My father provided fresh vegetables for our family during my youth and I have continued this for my own family. I have grown vegetables in 3 states of Australia over the past 35 years. Each climate has been different and the differing soil conditions have made the challenge both interesting and rewarding. My food gardening in Tasmania has been strongly influenced by the experience of Steve Solomon as shared in his book, Growing Vegetables South of Australia. Steve has come to Tasmania after spending many years as a food gardener and seed producer in Oregon, USA. The climates of Oregon and Tasmania are very similar, and Steve's writing has saved me a great deal of time in understanding how the Tasmanian climate and the soil conditions effect the planting and harvesting times of vegetables down under. I strongly recommend his book: Solomon,Steve. Growing Vegetables South of Australia. PO Box 524 Exeter Tas 7275. 1st Edition,2002 Steve's work also encompasses the coordination of an extensive library of writings on soil and health. You might like to check this out : At this site I share my experience in growing vegetables and berries in Tasmania. I invite you to read my notes and share your experience with me through email communication: Winderdoon You can subscribe to more detailed lessons on growing vegetables and viticulture/winemaking through The Cool Climate Classroom..The table below contains links to a wide range of topics on vegetable gardening. I shall make them live as time permits. The material contained may be used in the public domain, but I would appreciate acknowledgement to stated sources of information.


Tasmania's Climate

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Planting guide for northern Tasmania



Vegetable Juices for vitamins

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Successional  Planting

A Food Garden for the Whole Year