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About Us

Guiding Committee


The World Education Forum aims to work through education for the establishment of peace and a cooperative world community by: seeking improvements in education policies and practices to meet the individual and shared educational needs of people of all ages.

  • promoting greater social justice and equity through seeking high standards of education for all age groups worldwide.
  • fostering a balance between individual development and social responsibility
  • furthering international understanding by encouraging international contacts
  • promoting the value of life long learning for all.
  • encouraging collaborative, community approaches to clarify educational goals and programs.
  • securing for those involved in education the facilities, standards, opportunities and status they need to be effective, professional people.

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World Education ForumTasmania
President: Mr Jon Hosford

Address: 454 Windermere Road Windermere, TAS 7252
Phone: 036328 1163| Fax: 03 6328 1163

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