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Guiding Committee


WEF members meet regularly in State Chapters or Sections which maintain International links in two ways; first through biennial conferences in various parts of the world, the most recent being held in 2006 in Bulgaria and 2008 in Korea;second, through regular contact with the Guiding Committee in London. 

Membership, through the local State Sections, is open to all members of the community - educators, students, parents, business people and those interested in working towards improving education and international understanding. 

Benefits of membership include free or reduced cost of entry to public meetings and workshops, newsletters and support through collaborative networks.

The Tasmanian Education Forum has a major project through The Peter Hewitt Care For Africa Foundation and Rotary Australia World Community Service. The Christopher Strong Education Trust was established in 2009 after Christopher's untimely death, to support the training of teachers in Tarime, a remote area of Tanzania in Africa. Members work to establish a capital fund of $40,000, the interest from which will support a scholarship fund to train Tarime's teachers.

Further information on the Trust and how YOU can make a difference is found here.

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