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New Horizons

Table of Contents Listing

Table of Contents Listing

Material previously published in New Horizons is now available from this page. All documents are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it here (PDF format - Download Adobe Reader).


Volume 115: November 2006

Margaret Kiley 1

Introduction to the final volume from the National President of WEF
Colin Power 5

Bryce Saint OAM 9

The way we live now: An educational challenge
David Massey 11

New Horizons in Education: A clearinghouse for ideas
Margaret Henry 29

The NEF/WEF in Tasmania
H S Payne 37

Tribute to New Horizons in Education
Ian Penny 39

New Education for the 21st Century?
John Stephenson 41

Discovering that the world is really flat! A reflection on the past, present and future of the World Education Fellowship
Brian J. Caldwell 45

News from the Victorian Section
Geoff Haw and Athena Vongalis-Macrow 51

Tasmanian Section Report
Elvin Fist 54

News from WEF SA Section
Ian Penny 56

World Education Fellowship (Australia): 2006 Membership 58

Information for Contributors 62

Editorial Board Information 64

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Volume 114: June 2006

Margaret Kiley 1

Cultural impacts upon the learning processes of Indigenous students in Adult Bridging Courses
Nura Behjat 5

Is the cooperative approach better than the individualized approach in the teaching and learning of composition writing at a junior secondary school in Botswana?
Deborah Adeninhun Adeyemi 21

Flowering, fading and facing the facts: World Education Fellowship in Queensland- 1970 to 2005
Margaret Henry 43

Report from the National President
Prof Colin Power AM 51

News from South Australia
Judith Ann 53

News from Victoria
Geoff Haw and Athena Vongalis-Macrow 54

World Education Fellowship (Australia): 2006 Membership 57

Information for Contributors 61

Editorial Board Information 63

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Volume 113: November 2005

Margaret Kiley 1

Rationale for the infusion of family life education in the social studies curriculum of junior secondary schools in Botswana
Michael Bamidele Adeyemi 4

Representing the dynamic complexity of students' mental models of learning in order to provide 'entry points' for teaching
Helen Askell-Williams and Mike Lawson 16

Growing empathetic, compassionate, meaningful and hope-filled students: Re-discovering the spiritual dimension in education
Marian de Souza 41

Student engagement with multiethnic literary texts
Wendy Amosa 53

News from the National President of WEF
Colin Power 68

News from the South Australian Section
Judith Ann 70

News from the Tasmanian Section
Elvin Fist 72

World Education Fellowship (Australia): 2005 Membership 74

Information for readers and authors 76

Editorial Board Information 78

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Volume 112: June 2005

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Volume 111: November 2004

Margaret Kiley 1

Values education for all schools and systems: A justification and experimental update
Terence Lovat & Neville Schofield 4

The academic divide and curriculum practice in Australian Higher Education: a counternarrative
Henk Eijkman 14

Science for all: what have we been teaching in the science curriculum and what should we teach?
Peter Fensham 28

The Bassett Oration: Towards 2010: Australian education in an international context
Colin Power 44

The call of Africa
Melanie Kutek 55

International Conference and Workshops. Education towards preventing extremism and terrorism: Curriculum design-innovative and effective strategies 58

Review: EdNA Online (Education Network Australia)
Margaret Kiley 60

South Australian Section
Judith Ann 62

Tasmanian Section
Elvin Fist 63

World Education Fellowship (Australia): 2004 Membership 64

New Horizons in Education 68

Editorial Board Information 70

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Volume 110: June 2004

Margaret Kiley 1

Strategy and synergy: An international perspective on efforts to sustain the transformation of schools
Brian Caldwell 3

Reflections on the Mumbai Conference 3-9 January 2004
Judith Ann 33

Advance Notice of International Conference in Adelaide, South Australia 28: November-2 December 2004

Child care: We care
Anne Reddell 37

Beliefs about toddlers’ learning and practices during routines
Margaret Brannock 43

Child care for our very young children: Helping them or doing them harm
Margaret Henry 53

Lifelong learning – learning to live and living to learn in the ever-changing global environment
Denis Feeney 57

News from the Sections

WEF: 2004 Membership 66

Information for contributors 69

Editorial Committee 71

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Volume 109: November 2003

Margaret Kiley 1

Aboriginal Education Workers (AEW) and the role of 'values education' in remote Indigenous communities in South Australia
Bindi MacGill 5

Joint conference of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education and the Australian Association for Research in Education

Proposed International Conference for the South East Asian/Pacific Region 18

Refugees and asylum seekers: Australian experience and policy
Christine Stevens 19

Implementing the White Paper: What is happening?
Craig Sherrin 37

WEF International Conference: Mumbai 47

Quality in Postgraduate Research: Re-imagining research education. Sixth International Conference in Adelaide 52

News from the Sections 53

Call for Contributions 58

Proposed Joint Conference Announced at the UNESCO General Conference, Paris, October 2003 61

WEF Information 66

Information for Contributors 69

Editorial Committee 71

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Volume 108: June 2003

Margaret Kiley 1

A Brief Background to the Development of Middle Schooling in Australia
Val Catchpoole 3

School Practices: Forest Lake State High School
Pam Hall 9

School Practices: Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School (1)
Michele Vuleta 15

School Practices: Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School (2)
Cathy Bennedick 19

School Practices: Anglican Church Grammar School
Michael Harding 25

Teachers Networking to Develop Middle Schooling
Susan Hearfield 39

Key themes and the future: Reflections on the Middle Years of Schooling
Victoria Carrington 45

Tribute to Jack Campbell
Margaret Henry 55

Address to the World Education Fellowship (Queensland Section)
Kenneth Wiltshire 59

News from the Sections 67

WEF International Conference 2004 69

Call for Papers (Peace Education) 70

WEF Information 72

Information for Contributors 75

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Volume 107: November 2002

David Massey 1

NEEF Report Launch
Peter Hollingworth 4
Anne Feeney 8

Risky futures: Reflections on scientific literacy
Clare Christensen 12

On not teaching evolution
Norm Lederman 44

Teachers for the 21st century
Gregor Ramsey 46

You pathways in a cadets' organisation
Christina Gamble and Leslie Pyke 58

Some recent development in international teacher union studies
John Synott 78

Information to contributors 91

WEF Information 92

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Volume 106: June 2002

Volume 106 of New Horizons in Education was not published. It was replaced by the Report "Bridging the Gap between the Haves and the Have Nots".

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Volume 105: November 2001

David Massey 1

Bridging the gap: NEEF opening address
Christine Wykes 3

Patterns of disadvantage and advantage across Australia's communities: A focus on education and human capital
Robert Stimson & Scott Baum 9

Developmental needs and disadvantage
Margaret Henry 35

Teachers and stress: A clash of cultures
Elizabeth Kendall, Veronica O'Neill & Patricia Murphy 47

Public/Private schools: Funding and values. An historical overview
Peter Meadmore 62

The values of public education
Ross Gwyther 70

Education funding: A Queensland Catholic Education Commission view
Vic Lorenz 78

Information to contributors 89

WEF Information 90

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