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Christopher Strong Education Trust

The Year's Program 2014

World Teacher's Day 2014

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Our Patron

Katherine Scholes

Katherine Schooles with Tanzanian children

We are pleased and thankful to now have Katherine Scholes as a patron of CSET. Katherine is a Tasmanian author whose internationally-acclaimed books give a wonderful insight to the culture and complexities of life in Tanzania ( see and Facebook page )

"I am delighted and honoured to be a patron of CSET. The aims of the Trust are close to my heart, especially as I was born in Tanzania and feel a deep bond with the country and its people.  

On a recent story research trip, I visited several schools in Tanzania and talked to students and teachers about the huge problems they face. There is inadequate funding, a lack of qualified teachers and facilities. Extra challenges arise from having to learn in both Swahili and English.

We take access to education for granted in Australia, but when you meet mothers who are weeping over school fees that cannot be paid, and street kids who still hope to learn to read one day, you see that for many Tanzanians getting an education is a just a dream.

It’s not only a matter of being able to go to school.  Many children are being taught in huge classes by under-skilled teachers with very few resources. The students are simply not getting the kind of education that will lead to real opportunities down the track. That’s where an organization like CSET can make such a difference. Good schools stand out like a beacon, pointing the way to what is possible – what every child deserves.

I’ve always been passionate about education. I trained as a primary school teacher and worked in Tasmania and Victoria for several years before turning to a career as an author. This background makes me particularly pleased to be forming a connection with CSET.

There is another, more personal, reason as well. I knew Christopher Strong in his role as an educator – but more than that, he was a friend of our family, as is his wife Sara.

I congratulate all those who are involved in this worthwhile venture, and urge anyone who can to join in. Make a personal donation, hold a fundraiser, spread the word about the work of CSET. Education in Africa is one of the best investments anyone could make." Katherine Scholes 2014


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