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World Teacher's Day

The Christopher Strong Education Trust


WEFT Program for 2017

Annual general Meeting : Tuesday February 22nd at 5:00pm

Venue: Launceston Bowls Club, Invermay

Guest Speaker: Mr Phillip Makens


Members take note that the AGM will be held on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at the Invermay Bowls Club, 6A Forster Street, Invermay at 5:00 pm, followed by Dinner at 6.00 pm.
Attendance & Apologies
Confirmation of Minutes of AGM on 24th February 2016 (see page 2)
Matters arising from Minutes
President’s Report for 2016
Treasurer’s Report and Annual Accounts
Election of Committee and Officers  (see below)
Setting of Membership Fees for 2017.
Calendar of Events 2017
Motion of Notice
Election of WEFT committee and office bearers for 2017: All positions on the Committee will be declared vacant and nominations for positions requested.
Membership Fees for 2017: Membership fees are currently $10 for Student members $30 per Individual, $40 per couple, $50 per School/Organization. 

RSVP (Dinner only)  Friday 17th February  (meal & drinks $22)
Email  or phone Allison on 0438 046 296
If you are unable to attend the dinner, please make an effort to attend the AGM, as numbers are important to maintain a quorum of membership at this meeting.
1. Notice of dinner meeting, speaker and recommended reading
2. Proposed changes to Constitution
3. Our new Venue
Note: ‘Evening’ expected to end by 8.00 pm

                                      SOCIAL MEETING
Members take notice that the next Social Meeting of the Section will be held after the AGM on Wednesday 22 February 2017 at 6.00 pm. Our new venue is the Invermay Bowls Club, 6A Forster Street, Invermay.

Phillip MahnkenOur Guest Speaker for the evening is Phillip Mahnken  (ex Uni of Sunshine Coast, UTAS, teacher Tas. Dept of Education) He is a colleague of Umi Quor and co-edited  “The Current State of Indonesian Language Education in Australian Schools 2010”. It is expected he will share his findings on “Trends and challenges in Asian Language Education in Australian schools over the last 30 years, current Government policy, and future ideals”   

Listed below are two sites, for our pre-reading, that Phillip has kindly sent for those interested.

The Effectiveness of Bilingual Education: A Reason to Invest in 2017  excellent article from California

‘Go back to your country, China’: South Korean-born Dami Im's first day in Australia  one of a series on SBS website about the First Days in Australia of a selection of migrants,  very personal testimony from migrants to Australia as to why we need to be "more accepting of new people, experiences, and knowledge." And languages education is all about that.


RSVP: AT THE VERY LATEST by Friday 17th February (meal & drinks $22)
Email  or phone Allison on 0438 046 296


General Meeting & Dinner: May TBA





Dinner Meeting: October TBA

Guest Speaker:





Christmas Dinner: Saturday December 9th at 12 Noon



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