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World Education Forum in Tasmania is named World Education Forum Tasmania Incorporated.

Location and activities

The Section and its Executive is based in Launceston ("City of Innovation and Learning").

Meetings with a speaker are held bi-monthly.

Recent major projects

World Education Forum Tasmania has initiated two major projects:

The Christopher Strong Education Trust

This trust fund was established in 2009 after the untimely death of Christopher Strong AM, a Past President of WEFT. The Trust seeks to establish a capital fund, the interest from which will be used to provide Teacher Training for the teachers of Tarime, a district of Tanzania in Africa.

See here for full details and how you may contribute.

Climate Change Matters (Link opens in new window).

A Curriculum Centred approach to achievable solutions

  • To help teachers by providing a course of study
  • To provide a simple explanation of the science
  • To inspire children and schools to take action
  • To make our presence on planet Earth sustainable
  • To share what others are doing
  • To raise issues of concern in the interests of public education. We are not a political group and will avoid supporting party political stances although at times it may appear that we agree or disagree with action or inaction being taken by political parties.

Our motivation is spirited by a belief that we need to encourage a balance between an education which nourishes the personal worth and growth of individuals and one which stresses the social responsibility of each to work critically and constructively towards improving the human physical world environment (World Education Fellowship Australian Forum 2002).

Membership of WEFT

Membership is available to all members of the public who have an interest in working for the advancement of education and enjoy the exchange of information and ideas, including educators at all levels, parents and students.

Applications should be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer:

Honorary Secretary:

Allison Bassano
Address:45 Bryan St Invermay, Tas 7250
Phone: 0438 046 296

Honorary Treasurer:


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World Education Forum Tasmania
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