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Tawny Frogmouth  podargus strigoides strigoides

Distribution and Habitat

This bird is widely distributed across Australian woodlands with 2 distinct races. The Tasmanian race is larger than mainland birds . These birds are sedentary in nature and roost by day in a shaded tree, making no attempt to hide other than the natural camouflage their compacted feathers provide them. They often perch in pairs or in family groups .They use the same perch by day so observation is enhanced if you know of the bird's preferred perch from previous sightings.


Food & Feeding

Frogmouths become active shorttly after sunset and hawk insects, moths and evn small birds from a high vantage point. Being silent in flight like other owls , their attack is swift and accurate. They often take advantage of  a light for a feeding point. The light attracting moths and other insects .Their call is a distinct sustained ooming.



The Tawny frogmouth makes a nest on a bare limb parallel to the ground at a height of 3-20 metres.