Vegie Plantings in June

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June and July are usually the coolest months in a Tasmanian Garden. Frosty mornings and days of 10-14 degrees celcius make everything grow very slowly.

It is a time to plant green manure crops to replenish the humus in the soil in preparation for the Spring ahead.


Rhubarb bears reasonably well at this time of the year, and at a time when there is not much fresh fruit available, we make good use of stewed rhubarb for breakfasts. Some varieties of rhubarb die down in the winter, so ask before you transplant crowns into your garden.

It is a good time of the year to prune and spary fruit trees . Do not prune apricots heavily at this time of the year. They are better pruned after you have removed the Summer crop so they have timne to grow fruit buds for the following season in the late summer and autumn before dormancy.

Fruit Trees

Spray fruit trees with winter oil to kill overwintering insect pests and their eggs. Bordeaux mixture can be used on fruit trees to protect against fungal diseases.

Curly Leaf on peaches and nectarines must be treated with Boirdeaux before pink bud stage ( about the middle of August).

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