Vegetable Plantings in May


Week 1 Week2
May Lettuce,cabbage, Cauliflower  Broad Beans Spring Onions  


Personally, I would forget lettuce.

It needs to grow fast to have maximum flavour. Whilst it is possible to mature lettuce in a cool climate, I would not regard it as a priority for space in my vegie garden; better to give space to green manure at this time of the year.

Broad beans are best planted this month to sprout and make vetetative growth before the warmth of spring. They may well flower early if planted early, but will rarely set beans until November.

This month I have spent much time weeding. Crops that grow over winter in wetter seasons naturally germinate much seed that is dormant in the soil.

It is a part of vegie gardening, and if you are not prepared to do it consistently, the consequence is that the nutrition of your vegetables is shared with the weeds. Unfortunately, the weeds are usually better adapted to extract nutrition than are your vegetables, so your crop will be severely compromised.

This is a problem I have with fancy arrangements of natural gardens.

The layout makes maintenance difficult and hence the weeds are more prolific than in conventional layouts.

I do not wish to create a great point of this, but I find enough work in conventional layouts without the added worry of a greater surface area to create an added problem.

I find my unbordered layout easy to maintain.

One day a week on average is enough to maintain my 150m2 of vegetables.

Spring Onions are great to sow now . They will sprout in the cool and as long as you weed them actively they will provide a crop from September through November. If added plantings are made in July and August, you can have them all year. Just Pick them when they are the right size.

Preparing for Spring

Obeying the rotation principles of your vegie garden, the best thing you can do now is to plant any bare patch with a mixture of legume seed for winter.This adds nitrogen to the soil and can be dug in about late August to provide nutrition for October sown vegetables.

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