Vegetable Planting Guide

The chart below shows the planting sequence I use for our vegetable garden at Winderdoon

in The Tamar Valley, Launceston Tasmania.

This will vary on the latitude of your garden and the aspect of your garden to some degree.

Use the links to find specific information on each of the vegetables we grow.

Use the month links to plan you monthly planting.

Rotation is critical in any vegetable garden. Rotation assists in breaking the cycle of pests and diseases.

It also assures that complementary conditions remain from the last crop you harvested for the crop to follow.

I have 12 beds of 1.2 metres by 3-6 metres in length.

I ensure that no crop is planted twice in the same soil and that winter legumnes in the form of a green manure crop is sown in each bed

at least once every 2 years. This assures continual fertility.

See here for general organic gardening principles.


Week 1



Week 4

Week 5

January Sweet Corn; Spring Onions; Bush Beans; Lettuce; Radish; Cauliflower;Transplant Brussels Sprouts;Broccoli seed;Carrots; Kale,English spinach     Lettuce; Radish; Cauliflower; Broccoli seed;Cabbage  
February Broccoli seed; cauliflower , carrots for autumn, radish

Fennel seedlings


Cauliflower seedlings;Broccoli seedlings

Spring Onions; Leek seedlings

Chinese Cabbage seed(Wong Bok) (Bok Choy)

March Radish; Scarlet Nantes Carrots; Coriander, Beetroot,spring onions(Lisbon) Chinese Cabbage ( Wong Bok) (Bok Choy) Leek seedlings Garlic,Overwintering bulbing Onions; Shaftal clover, Broccoli seedlings, Lettuce, Cauliflower seedlings Lettuce  
April Lettuce;Garlic; Shaftal Clover   Garlic;Overwintering Onions; transplant lettuce; Spring Onions;Peas    
May Lettuce,cabbage, Cauliflower  Broad Beans Spring Onions    

July sow odourless onion seeds indoors Prune Grapes  

transplant salad onions & fertilise;

Leek seedlings

August Peas;     Lettuce;Radish;Peas;Start tomato seedlings indoors  
September Peas;Lettuce;Broccoli;Pepper seedlings indoors; spinach;Cauliflower.;Cabbage; Broad Beans (last chance) Carrots;Radish Bush Beans(will survive if no frost)    
October Cabbage;Broccoli;Celery seedlings ; Potatoes Parsley; Summer Carrots; Silver Beet; Beetroot;Spring Onions;Leeks; Lettuce;Radish;Spinach

  Bush beans ( in cloches) sweet corn seedlings (propogated indoors)




Zuchinni;Pumpkin;Squash;Sweet Corn;Lettuce;Climbing Beans;Tomato seedlings outside;French Beans;Silver Beet;Beetroot;Carrot;Spring Onions;Radish; Chinese Cabbage;Cucumber seedlings.

  cucumber  seedlings  
December Lettuce;Radish;Celery seed;sweet corn ;transplant Leeks   Brussels Sprouts seed;Autumn Caulis seed;

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