A Garden For All Seasons

Our garden at Windermere has been planted to give us joy at all times of the year.


Winderdoon rockery

Our garden in spring.


After a wonderfully successful weekend of opening our garden on the weekend on January 10-11 2015

we are happy to share our Summer photos. Open Day at Winderdoon . Our Garden in Summer.

The winner of the Hamper raffled at this weekend was Pat Saunders of Rosedale. Pat and her husband Ken visited our garden as passionate enthusiasts of Tasmanian native plants. Ken is a Past President of The Australian Socierty for Growing Australian Native Plants ( Tasmanian Branch).

Jon Hosford & Ken Saunders  receiving his hamper after the drawing of the raffle

Jon Hosford presents Ken Saunders with the Hamper from the Winderdoon Open Garden.

Thank you to all of you who visited our garden on this weekend and a special thank you to the many people who supported the opening by volunteering their time and talents.

We raised $ 3,440 for The Christopher Strong Trust for the training of teachers in the Tarime district of Tanzania.



Autumn brings the fruit and produce to our table and our cellar. We love this time of the year as it represents the real value in growing and maintaining a garden for food.

Pinotnoir in fruit

Our Garden in Autumn


Winter is a time for pruning and preparing the garden for its new season in Spring. All plants rest as we do and Winter is a time for special colour and celebration of the season past.


Our Garden in Winter


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